Romani Designs is a California based design company that designs, manufactures, and sells home interiors
nationwide to the trade only. Specializing in Tuscan, Mediterranean, and Spanish Colonial furnishings, each of
our pieces is inspired by interiors from the terracotta-topped villas that drift across Tuscany’s mesmerizing
vistas to those that surround Spain’s sun drenched landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for a unique one-of-a-kind piece, or a delightful collection to add a certain ambience to
a room—Romani Designs offer a wide range of old world collections fit for the modern home--be it bedrooms,
hand-carved leather armoires, dining rooms, home offices, accents & occasionals, or accessories like reverse
glass mirrors and trays. If, for some reason, the fit is not exactly what you’re looking for, we’re happy to work
with either you or your designer to create the perfect custom made piece.

Moreover we pride ourselves on offering designs comprised of the finest  craftsmanship and materials. Each
piece by Romani Designs is meticulously crafted by hand from start to finish: from the carving of the leather, to
the application of paint, to the final treatment of wax—each piece is as unique as its destination.

Also, because we own our manufacturing facility, and implement rigorous quality control procedures, we pride
ourselves on using only the highest quality of materials such as thick vegetable tanned cow hides, ecologically
farmed solid woods, tempered glass, and intricate antiqued hardware. We do not cut corners to cut costs--to
create the best, we use only the best and give each piece the time & care it needs to become a distinguished
Romani Designs collectable.

For this, and all the aforementioned reasons, Romani Designs has become a market leader since entering the
trade. Often imitated, but never duplicated our pieces have a proven record of satisfying even the most
discriminating of tastes.

You may recognize our pieces as featured in national commercials, TV shows, movies, publications, and high-
profile homes & resorts, however if you’d like to browse Romani’s online catalog for yourself, please e-mail or
phone us to receive a password and pin. It is our hope that you may someday experience a Romani Design for
yourself, and that it may take you away to the rich cultures of Tuscany and Spain. Till then, should you have
any further questions, our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: Romani Designs is not affiliated with any other companies.